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Natural Nail Care

We provide a highly sanitary manicure & pedicure treatment.    

 Spa Manicure
A basic treatment which cleanses and shapes nails and cuticles stimulates healthy nail growth and relaxes you with a soothing hand and arm massage.
45 Minutes          $25
Spa Manicure with Paraffin
Nails are professionally shaped and buffed to a shine. Cuticles are cared for, followed by a relaxing hand massage. Then a warm lavender paraffin treatment with warm mitts for moisturizing and hydrating skin. Relaxing stress reliever.
60 Minutes          $35
Luxury Spa Manicure
The nails are professionally shaped and whitened then buffed to a beautiful shine. Cuticles are cared for, followed by an exfoliating scrub and the treatment continues with a forearm and hand massage, then a moisturizing paraffin bath with warm mitts.
75 Minutes          $35
Polish Change on Hand
15 Minutes          $15
Add a French to any Spa Manicure
French manicures are manicures designed to resemble a natural nail, and are characterized by natural pink base nails with white tips. The tips of the nail are painted white while the rest of the nail is polished in a pink or a suitable nude shade. French manicures may have originated in 18th-century Paris and were popular in the 1920s and 1930s.
15 Minutes          $5
Spa Man-i-cure (Gentleman's)
A traditional manicure including nail trim, cuticle care and buffing followed by a hand massage.
30 Minutes          $25
Hybrid/Shellac Spa Manicure
 Nails are professionally shaped and buffed to a shine. Cuticles are cared for, followed by a relaxing hand exfoliation then hand and arm massage. Then we apply the new hybrid nail color. This nail color wears flawlessly for 14 days with high gloss shine. This nail polish has zero dry time, 2-week perfect, glorious, high-gloss shine. No more re-do's.
45 Minutes          $35
Hybrid/Shellac French Manicure
45 Minutes          $40
Hybrid/Shellac Nail Color Removal without Hybrid/Shellac Spa Manicure / Pedicure $15
Seasonal Spa Manicure
Help transform weathered hands by giving them the attention they deserve with are seasonal spa manicure. We have a different scent for each season. 

La Stone Spa Pedicure
Is't time to give your feet the relaxing experience of our La Stone Spa Pedicure. It begins with a hot stone soak while we use an exfoliant sugar scrub to reduce dry, calloused feet followed by a massage. We also have a wide variety of nail polishes for you to choose from to complete your service. Your feet will thank you! 
60 Minutes          $45
La Stone Spa  Pedicure with Paraffin
All of the essential elements of our pedicure plus the therapeutic benefits of the hot paraffin triple dip and heated booties. For stiff, aching feet that are rough around edges, this one's the cure.
75 Minutes          $55
Luxury Spa Pedicure
Our Luxury Spa Pedicure starts with a rejuvenating soak followed by nail shaping, cuticle treatment, callus removal and dry skin exfoliating with sea salt, a rich foot and leg marine masque application, and a softening steam towel therapy, followed by relaxing lower leg and foot massage. Experience the warmth and hydration of paraffin wax as it coats your foot to help moisturize and soothe the skin. Finished by a polish application of your choice!
75 Minutes          $65 
(Recommended with regular polish.  The shellac polish does not adhere to nails as well after the luxury pedicure treatment)
Polish Change on Toes
A little pampering for your feet when you don't have time for a full pedicure. Invigorating eucalyptus soak cools your feet before your toes are shaped and polished.
30 Minutes          $25
Add a French to any Spa Pedicure
15 Minutes          $5
"Toe"-tally Perfect Pedicure (Gentlemen's)
A pedicure including a nail trim, cuticle care, nail buffing, foot scrub followed by a foot massage. This pedicure will cleanse, buff and hydrate your feet.
45 Minutes          $45
Hybrid/Shellac Spa Pedicure
 Now you are able to leave wearing your own shoes -- no more flip-flops! The colors are hypo-allergenic meaning no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.
60 Minutes          $65
Seasonal Spa Pedicure
Experience our seasonal spa pedicure with the aromatic and healing properties. Truly luxurious treat for the feet. Our seasonal treatments vary from season to season and are available for a limited time. 
Children under 12 years:
Little miss need to be pampered. For young ladies ages 5-12 have the ultimate manicure or/and pedicure party.
Little Miss Manicure          $15
Little Diva Pedicure            $25
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